Recipes: Rat Tail Dip

So you’ve heard of Rat Tails (Bacon Wrapped, Stuffed Peppers)?

But they’re tedious and time consuming to make, and are quickly consumed at large parties.

How do you make this delicacy stretch further, with half the effort?

Rat Tail Dip.

Large Disposable Aluminum Roasting Pan
20 Large Jalapeño Peppers (or more smaller ones)
2 lbs of bacon
10 blocks of cream cheese
Cumin Powder
Onion Powder
Powdered Sugar

If you’ve ever made Rat Tails, then you will fix the cream cheese just the same as you normally do… Add a generous amount of Cumin and Onion Powder, and a tiny bit of Powdered Sugar. You really want to taste the Cumin and Onion Powder, but not notice the sugar. Making it super sweet would be disastrous for this recipe.

Now clean and core the peppers, discarding the inside (we don’t want these to be too spicy) Dice the peppers and set them aside.

Pull the bacon out of the package and cut it into small pieces. It’s easier to cut when it’s fresh out of the refrigerator, as when it’s cold, it’ll stay together better.

Put your bacon and diced peppers in a skillet and cook on the highest setting. Brown the bacon so it’s cooked all the way through. Let the peppers cook down a bit so they’re shriveled. They have to be cooked together, or else the peppers have a bitter flavor. Precooked crumbled bacon doesn’t work for this recipe.

Once the bacon and peppers are done, add them to the cream cheese. Mix it all together and spread it across the pan. Place in the oven at 350° for 12 minutes on the middle rack. Afterwards, turn the broiler on for about 3-4 minutes or until the cheese just starts to brown and caramelize.

Let cool and serve with authentic tortilla chips.

Bacon and Peppers
Bacon and Peppers

Rat Tail Dip
Rat Tail Dip with Authentic Tortilla Chips