PSYCH: Toxic surroundings are contagious

Over the years, most of my jobs have had me working with adults. Unfortunately, my financial and living situation required me to take a job at a theme park, where most of my coworkers are 5 to 10 years younger than me. Most are around high school age. I started that job in January, and after several months, at the time of this writing (September), I have noticed that I am becoming like them. I have started gossiping, whining and complaining, and getting upset about not winning the popularity contest that this job has become.

It wasn’t until I was called back by a photographer I had previously worked with, and worked there for a day, that I realized the mindset I had started to take on. I even commented to the photographer and the office manager how much I miss working with adults.

The drama of high school mentality is toxic and contagious. I’m pushing 30. None of that matters to me, and I shouldn’t have to let it bother me.